General Info

General info

HEPA Europe is a network which works for better health and wellbeing in the WHO European Region through more physical activity for all people. Its mission is to provide a forum for the advancement of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) research, policy and practice across the WHO European region.


HEPA Europe focus on population-based approaches for the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity using the best available scientific evidence. It encourages collaboration and partnerships between research, practice and related sectors to exchange, disseminate and share experience and knowledge.


HEPA Europe activities are based on WHO policy statements, such as the European Strategy on Physical Activity, the Global Strategy for Diet, Physical Activity and the Global Action Plan for Physical Activity (GAPPA).


In 2005, the 1st annual meeting of the HEPA Europe marked the formal establishment of the network, and was hosted by the Gerlev Idrætshøjskole, Denmark. In 2008 the first scientific conferences were organized back-to-back with the annual meeting in Glasgow, UK. In Odense, we are delighted to organize the 15th annual meeting 10th scientific conference close to the place, where it all began in 2005.


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