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How to get to Odense


The two nearest international airports are Copenhagen airport and Billund airport. Once you are in Denmark, the easiest way to get around is to use Rejseplanen - a website or app helping you map your journey by bus or train.


Copenhagen - Odense (approx. travel time: 1 hour 45 min): From Copenhagen you can catch a train from the airport (terminal 3 - arrival terminal) that will take you directly to Odense Railway Station (once every hour) or via Copenhagen Central Station (three timer per hour). Use Rejseplanen to plan your journey.


Billund - Odense (approx. travel time: 1 hour 30 min): From Billund you have to take both bus and train (twice every hour). Use Rejseplanen to plan your journey. You can book or buy tickets and get information about train services at DSB or Rejseplanen.


When you arrive in Odense by train the hotels is within walking distance (all less than 750 m).

How to get to campus

It is easy to get from the city center to campus. You can either walk (~5 km), go by bus, bike, or taxi.



Busses no. 41 and 44 go to the University of Southern Denmark (Campusvej 55). All busses depart from Odense Banegård Center (the railway station). Use or Rejseplanen app to plan your journey. 


Cycling in Odense is safe, clean, and fun, and you can easily rent a bike in Odense. The ride from the railway station to the university campus takes approximately 20 minutes. In Odense you can borrow a city bike (or two) for free with your mobile phone and keep it for up to 24 hours. See here for more information about Cibi. Several other options for bike rentals are available at


You can get a taxi from the taxi rank behind the main building of Odense railway station (Odense Banegård Center). Look for the signs at the railway station. The journey from the railway station to the University of Southern Denmark takes about 15 minutes. To order a taxi call: +45 66 12 27 12 (Odense Taxi).

Call: +45 3345 4510


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